Our Services

1.      FREE Initial Consult.  Following a telephone intake, you and your separating partner meet with our experienced family law mediator-attorney(s) to determine your needs and suitability for the program, discuss fees and costs, explain services and the Educated Divorce process, review our contract, distribute divorce and separation forms and resources, and answer all your process related questions.

2.      Individual Meetings with Experienced Family Law Mediator-Attorney(s).  Following the free telephone consultation and initial consult, Educated Divorce professionals will meet separately with you and your partner to discuss the specific issues that need to be addressed in your divorce or separation.  

3.      Family-Specific Professional Referrals.  The Educated Divorce Plan for your family may also include referrals to appropriate family, individual or child counselors, financial planners, child development experts or health/wellness specialists. All referrals are based on YOUR family’s specific needs.

4.      Mediation.  Each couple is assigned to a mediator-attorney(s) for individual and couples mediation to resolve outstanding divorce and separation issues, including co-parenting plans, review financial information and documents, consider recommendations from team professionals, and to determine the need for extended mediation.

5.      Preparation of Uncontested Divorce Paperwork.  Upon successful completion of the above process and resolution of issues, you may use the family lawyer of your choice (or we will refer you to one if you have not already chosen one) to prepare and review all divorce documents and agreements and file and monitor your legal paperwork in the First Circuit Court's no-contest divorce calendar for an expedited divorce or separation. In the usual course of events, neither divorce participant nor lawyer will appear in court.