Our Services

We realize that divorce can be a financial disaster for most people. In an effort to keep our program accessible to all those seeking a reasonable and amicable resolution to their relationship, Educated Divorce operates on a SLIDING SCALE FEE schedule ranging from $75-$250 per hour based on family income.  Additionally, contrary to traditional legal work that requires a substantial upfront payment in the form of a retainer, costs associated with the Educated Divorce program are paid as they accrue with the exception of a modest $1500 retainer to cover initial services.  This “pay as you go” policy makes our program SUBSTANTIALLY MORE AFFORDABLE than other options currently available to divorcing or separating couples.

Educated Divorce’s sliding scale fee is applicable ONLY to our initial consult, individual/joint meetings, mediation and settlement document preparation.  Referrals for consultations with professionals as described above shall be paid directly to the specified professional subject to that particular professional’s terms and stated costs.  

Here is a brief summary of estimated fees:

INITIAL CONSULTATION:                                     FREE

INDIVIDUAL/JOINT MEDIATION:                      $75-$250/hour

SETTLEMENT DOCUMENT PREPARATION:     $75-$250/hour ($750.00 retainer)